Assessment and management

In the academic field

Amalgama7 offers a punctual or continuous activity consists in advising the address of the school (coordinators and/or school tutors) about the problem derived from students who have risk (drugs, dietary risk behaviors, challenges to teachers, other students abuse…) and how it can be approached from the individual and family point of view, and also the impact at the heart of the school community (students, other family members, the teachers…).

In the healthcare field

It offers this service in a timely or continuous way to management teams of public administrations that have own or concerted centers or the management teams of these centres that serve groups of teenagers and young people at risk. There's different proposals: elaboration of a situational analysis, training of management teams, proposals for decision making…

In the healthcare management field

Amalgama7 has the human and technical resources to manage devices residential or outpatient, the public or private sphere, earmarked for the care of adolescents and young people at risk and their families. In this sense, and by way of example, Amalgama7 directs and manages the operation of therapeutic school and Center for day CTE Julia Romea, dependent of the Foundation Portal, boys and girls with dual pathology and support their families.

Government agencies and institutions with which Amalgama7 has agreements, arrangements or concerts currently

Directorate-General for attention to children and adolescents, Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government)

Department of Health, Generalitat de Catalunya

Department of Education, Generalitat de Catalunya

Institut Obert de Catalunya (IOC), Department of Education, Generalitat de Catalunya

IES CAR Sant Cugat, Department of Education, Generalitat de Catalunya

Majorcan Institute of Social Affairs, Council of Majorca

Murcian Health Service, Region of Murcia

Ministry of Health and Welfare, Government of Andorra

Master's Degree in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychopathology, Autonomous University of Barcelona

Residence of Psychiatry, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

Residence of Psychiatry, Hospital Santa Maria – UD Arnau de Vilanova de Lleida

Master's Degree on Drug Addiction, University of Barcelona

Master's Degree in Assessment and Treatment of Psychological Disorders, University of Girona

Faculty of Social Work and Social Education Pere Tarrés – Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sports Sciences Blanquerna, Ramon Llull University

Degree in Psychology, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Degree of psychology, National University of distance education

Training course in transdisciplinary art therapy and human development, Institute of Applied Sociology and Psychology (Bracelona)

Course on socio-cultural animation, Institute of secondary education Salvador Seguí (Department of Education, Generalitat de Catalunya)

Management course of child and youth leisure activities at Verge Blanca Foundation – Escola de l'Esplai of Lleida

Foundation Portal, support for boys and girls with dual pathology and their families

Spanish Society for child to parents violence studies (SEVIFIP)

Althaia Foundation, healthcare network of Manresa

Cáritas Diocesana de Barcelona