Services catalogue

In addition to the actual health care activity, Amalgama7 performs a wide range of preventive and educational activities, to different collectives, essentially academic world (students, parents and teachers), health (centres and) the health professionals in general) and education (educators and social workers specializing in the care of adolescents and young people).

The health care team is also developing extensive teacher character activity directed to the University world, collaborating in master's and doctorate courses, and seminars and national and international congresses. In addition, participates in research activities (own and in collaboration with other professionals, institutions and universities), carries out an annual evaluation of its clinical activity and produces articles and informative manuals to demand for journals, foundations, government agencies and other institutions.

Finally, from Amalgama7 we carry out advisory and management to academic and health care centres, as well as performs social awareness-raising actions to contribute to the dissemination and knowledge of the main risk behaviors affect adolescents and young people and, therefore, to prevention and assistance.