Is your child becoming more and more difficult to live with your son or daughter?

    • Is he or she irritable and uncommunicative?
    • Is he or she poorly motivated at school?
    • Does he or she look worried or sad for no obvious reason?
    • Does he or she seem uninterested or offhand about his or her future?
    • Does he or she have a favourable attitude towards consuming alcohol and other drugs?
    • Are you worried about his attitude about food?
    • Do you consider that he or she abuses old and new technologies?
    • Is it getting increasingly difficult for you to understand each other?…

Amalgama-7 is a private organisation which has an agreement with the Public Administration and which since 1997 has attended to teenagers, young people and their families who find themselves in one or more of these situations. More than 5,000 clinical stories vouch for us…

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More than 5,000 clinical stories vouch for us

An interdisciplinary team of over 120 experts

Outpatient rehabilitation centres
in Barcelona and Madrid

Own network of residential therapeutic and educative schools

The attention to families: one of our basic principles

Amalgama-7 model: thanks to its results figures among the highest-rated European assistance networks

Amalgama-7: 20 years of therapeutic school

Brief profile of adolescents and young people attended (2016-2017)

  • The parents of the boys and girls attended in Amalgama-7, at least one of them and in 53.2% of the cases are university graduates.
  • 57% of them are boys and 43% are girls.
  • 13.6% of those seen in external consultations are adopted, and this figure rises to almost 20% of the residents of therapeutic and educativel schools.
  • 62% of adoptions are of international origin.
  • Almost half of the adolescents and young people attended have been referred to Amalgama-7 without a previous diagnosis.
  • Of those who have been referred with a previous diagnosis, almost 60% of them have been due to a behavioral disorder, with attention deficit disorder (ADHD) being the most prevalent diagnosis.
  • Almost 3 out of 4 have an associated family conflict, with psychological child to parent violence being the most prevalent diagnosis.
  • Low frustration tolerance, family noncompliance, abuse behaviors of old and new technologies (TV, mobile, Internet …), school demotivation, deficits of vital project (future) are some of the main indicators.
  • Depending on the frequency and intensity of these risk behaviors, and in cases where they are associated with polyunsumo of alcohol, cannabis derivatives (porros) and other drugs, the behavioral disorder can lead to a diagnosis of dual pathology.
  • Almost half of the boys and girls referred by the academic centers present a trajectory of difficulties of school adaptation, demotivation and underperformance.
  • Almost all of them do not have low intellectual coefficients.

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In Amalgama-7, and over the course of the last 20 years, a special and specialized network of outpatient centres in Barcelona and Madrid and residential centres has been developed, promoting a new specialized device for teenagers and young people with risk behaviors, behavior or dual disorders: the Therapeutic and educative School. An innovative space that offers, in addition to the resident, a clinical, academic and, in a socio-educative sense, a holidays camp. Likewise, specific care is offered to families during the therapeutic process of the resident child.

Network of health centres and therapeutic and educative schools:

  • Outpatient rehabilitation centre Barcelona
  • Outpatient rehabilitation centre Madrid
  • Therapeutic and educative school CTE Can Ros (Alt Camp, Tarragona)
  • Therapeutic and educative school CTE Valldaura (Berguedà, Barcelona)
  • Therapeutic and educative school CTE Mas Valldaura Nou (Berguedà, Barcelona)
  • Therapeutic and educative school CTE Julià Romea (Barcelona)

All of them approved as centres community health specialist for the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, entered in the register of centres, health services and facilities of the Department of Health, and in the register of organizations, services and social establishments of the Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Families such as outpatient and residential centres, and for support to socio-occupational integration.

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Halloween in the therapeutic and educative schools of Amalgama-7

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